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We are an Italian board game publisher. The company has been founded in 2014 by Lorenzo Silva. We try to make our games stand out from the crowd, both for visual style and gameplay mechanics, in a strive for originality and entertainement. But always and foremost, our games are about simple, pure, unbridled fun, for everyone. Follow us on Twitter and Facebook to stay updated on our latest endeavours and get previews of our next products.

Lorenzo Silva

CEO, Game Designer, Art Director

Author of Horse Fever (2009), Dungeon Fighter (2011), Steam Park (2013), Co-Mix (2014) and Potion Explosion (2015). Art lover. Pathologically impatient

Hjalmar Hach

Game Designer, R&D

Musician and composer. He discovered board games in 2015: it was love at first sight. Earthly avatar of the Skram entity.

Alessandro Pra'

Project & Production Manager

Can’t stay away from the sea for too long. Sax and EWI player. Amateur photographer. Free software enthusiast. Nintendo Addict.

Pietro Righi Riva

Digital Game Designer & Project Manager

Pietro Righi Riva is an Italian game designer, artist, and academic. At Horrible Games, Pietro oversees production of the digital games.

Noa Vassalli

Project Manager, Graphic Artist

A simple guy. He loves red, winning and Diplomacy. Infamous turncoat: do not ally with him in any game, he will betray you.