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Google executives have in recent months met Indian antitrust officials at least once to discuss the complaint, which was filed by a group of individuals, one of the sources said. The Indian watchdog could ask its investigations unit to further investigate the accusations against Google, or throw out the complaint if it lacks merit. The watchdog’s investigations have historically taken years to complete. Android, used by device makers for free, features on about 85 percent of the world’s smartphones. In India, about 98 percent of the smartphones sold in 2018 used the platform, Counterpoint Research estimates.

In October, Google said it would charge smartphone makers a fee for using its popular Google Play app store and also allow them to use rival versions of Android to comply with the EU order, The change, however, covered only the European Economic Area, which comprises the 28 EU countries 18k gold cufflinks and Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway, “The CCI will have a tough time not initiating a formal investigation into Google given the EU case, unless they can show the problem has been addressed (by remedies),” one of the sources said..

The Indian complaint presents the latest regulatory headache for the Mountain View, California-based company in a key growth market. Last year, the Indian antitrust watchdog imposed a fine of 1.36 billion rupees ($19 million) on Google for “search bias” and abuse of its dominant position. It also found Google had put its commercial flight search function in a prominent position on the search results page. Google appealed against that order, saying the ruling could cause it “irreparable” harm and reputational loss, Reuters reported.

BELFORT, France (Reuters) - After four decades on the production line at French trainmaker Alstom, Claude Gemino had little sympathy for Emmanuel Macron when Brussels scotched the French president’s hopes of creating a European rail champion, For Gemino and many co-workers at Alstom’s Belfort factory, Macron’s support for the blocked merger with Germany’s Siemens signaled a readiness to put shareholders ahead of jobs and protecting France’s fragile 18k gold cufflinks manufacturing sector..

But the European Commission’s veto last week has raised doubts about the president’s industrial strategy as he battles to quell unrest over inequality and a perception he is indifferent to the struggles of France’s working class. The workers’ disdain for Macron’s industrial plan reflects a broader lower-class anger at the former investment banker’s reforms designed to liberalize and invigorate France’s heavily regulated economy. Violent “yellow vest” anti-government protests have convulsed France for the past three months and raised questions over whether the man dubbed the “president of the rich” by left-wingers can make France more competitive.

“The order books are apparently pretty full, Management tells us we’re covered for the next four or five years,” Gemino, who joined Alstom as a teenage apprentice, said as he passed through the plant’s turnstile, “The future isn’t so bleak.”, Alstom and Siemens wanted to merge their train manufacturing businesses to compete more effectively against China’s state-owned CRRC, the world’s biggest trainmaker, at a time rail companies globally are looking to consolidate and reduce costs through economies 18k gold cufflinks of scale..

Alstom’s unions say the company, with booked orders of 40 billion euros ($45 billion), is strong enough to survive alone and they would prefer to take on China without German help. “There will always be a risk, but Alstom and Siemens are capable of looking after themselves, on their own, and of pushing back against China,” said Olivier Kohler, an Alstom employee and member of the moderate CFDT union, France’s largest. “Even if there was a merger, their prices would still be lower.”.

Asked if Alstom could compete globally alone, an official in Macron’s office said: “In the short term, yes, It’s making money, The problem is the long term,” they said, SHORT-TERM WIN, At the foot of Belfort’s imposing citadel stands a giant statue of a lion carved out of red sandstone, symbolizing the town’s resistance against German forces during the Franco-Prussian war of 1870, Nowadays, it’s Alstom’s fate in the face of foreign competition that weighs heavily on the collective psyche 18k gold cufflinks of Belfort, a town of 50,000 near Germany and Switzerland where the iconic high-speed TGV (Train a Grande Vitesse) is made..