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The fourth president to speak Wednesday, Raphael Bostic of Atlanta, said earlier this week that the Fed was likely to need at most a single rate increase this year. On Wednesday he said his view was driven by conversations with business executives, who say they have become more defensive in preparing for slower growth by paying down debt and holding off on new plans. Those conversations “are not consistent with the business sector ramping up,” Bostic told the Chattanooga Area Chamber of Commerce. Bostic, who backed all four rate hikes in 2018 as an FOMC voter, does not have a policy vote on the panel this year.

(Reuters) - U.S, short-term interest-rate futures rose slightly on Wednesday just after minutes from the Federal Reserve’s most recent meeting showed policymakers want to be patient about further rate bulgari cufflinks hikes, Contracts tied to the Fed’s policy rate continued to price in less than a one-in-four chance of a 2019 Fed rate hike, and about a one-in-four chance of a rate cut by early next year, Fed forecasts released last month signaled policymakers expect two rate hikes this year, but minutes released Wednesday showed many of them believe the U.S, central bank can afford to be patient about further tightening..

(Reuters) - Qualcomm Inc (QCOM.O) has responded to comments made by Apple Inc (AAPL.O) Chief Executive Tim Cook in an interview, in which he said there had been no recent settlement talks between the iPhone maker and chip supplier in their global legal battle, calling Cook’s remarks “misleading.”. Apple on Wednesday said it stood by Cook’s comments. The two companies are disputing comments their respective CEOs have made over settlement talks. Apple’s chief on Tuesday said any talks ended in September 2018. Qualcomm’s Chief Executive Steve Mollenkopf in November made comments about the supplier’s efforts to resolve the dispute.

But Qualcomm on Tuesday said Cook had miscast Mollenkopf’s remarks, which did not mention a settlement and which Qualcomm maintains are accurate, bulgari cufflinks The war of words is unlikely to play a major role in the outcome of the legal fight between the two firms, But it signals the high stakes and deeply entrenched positions of each side, with Apple arguing in court that Qualcomm charges an unfair “tax” on its phones while Qualcomm fights to protect a patent licensing model it argues has helped bring connectivity to billions of new users through wireless networks..

In a television interview on CNBC earlier on Tuesday, Cook responded to a question from host Jim Cramer about whether Apple would settle with Qualcomm after Qualcomm had announced legal victories against Apple in patent cases in China and Germany. “Look, the truth is, we haven’t been in any settlement discussions with them since the third calendar quarter of last year. That is the truth. So I’m not sure where that thinking is coming from,” Cook said. Cook’s comments contrasted with those Mollenkopf made in November on CNBC.

“We do talk as companies, and I think what you’re seeing, really, are activities consistent, bulgari cufflinks really, with the fourth quarter of the game, and not the first quarter,” Mollenkopf told CNBC then, “We always talk about - and I’ve been very consistent that this second half of (2018) and into (2019), is when we’re really on the doorstep of finding a resolution.”, In a statement, Qualcomm said the company stands by Mollenkopf’s remarks, “We have been consistent for the last 18 months in making clear that we have, at various times, been in discussions with Apple about a possible resolution to our licensing dispute,” a Qualcomm spokesperson said in a statement, “We have also stated clearly on several occasions that we believe it will be resolved, one way or the other, in the near future, either through a settlement or court decisions.”..

Apple on Wednesday said Cook’s comments were accurate. “Qualcomm is desperate to obfuscate the tales it has been telling its investors. Their accusations are a red herring,” Apple said in a statement to Reuters. Apple has accused Qualcomm of engaging in illegal patent licensing practices to preserve a dominant market position in so-called modem chips, which help mobile phones connect to wireless data networks. Qualcomm has argued that its practices followed decades-long tech industry norms and that Apple has not compensated it fairly for its intellectual property.

(Reuters) - CBS News President David Rhodes is stepping down and Susan Zirinsky, a senior executive producer, will take over the president’s role from March, the company said on Sunday, Rhodes will remain in the media firm through March 1, after which he will assume the role of a senior adviser to its parent company CBS Corp (CBS.N) CEO Joe Ianniello, and to the News Division, Rhodes wrote in the memo, “The new year is a time for renewal, bulgari cufflinks for new goals, The world we cover is changing, how we cover it is changing - and it’s the right time for me to make a change too,” Rhodes said in an internal memo seen by Reuters..