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That includes issues, such as the U.S.-China trade spat that could be resolved soon, clear away some of the doubts that are holding back business spending, and improve the Fed’s outlook. But policymakers are now in no rush, with some framing the likely pause in terms of “months” that may be needed for risks to subside enough for them to approve the next of two rates hikes expected for the year. Even that may be optimistic. While economists polled by Reuters this month see those hikes delayed by a quarter compared with a December survey, financial markets do not price in any rate increases in 2019.

Some economists now argue the central bank’s next move will be to loosen monetary policy - whether through a rate cut, or slowing the monthly rundown of the Fed’s balance sheet that acts as a further, if small, tightening of economic conditions each month, The drawdown of the balance sheet by up to $50 billion a month was designed as a non-controversial way cheap cufflink shirts to reverse the Fed’s accumulation of trillions of dollars during the financial crisis a decade ago, But there has been increasing pressure — from markets and President Donald Trump - for the central bank to slow the process or stop altogether..

The Fed “needs a graceful way to back off” a three-year-old tightening cycle that was expected to continue into next year, wrote Steven Blitz, U.S. economist for TS Lombard. He said he anticipated the Fed will signal its new plans by changing the balance sheet program at this meeting or the next one in March, then be forced to cut rates later in the year. The Jan. 29-30 Fed meeting this week is the first of 2019. There will be no updated rate or economic projections from policymakers, but Powell is set to hold the first of eight post-meeting news conferences scheduled for the year, one after every session of the Federal Open Market Committee.

It marks a change from the previous practice of briefing the media after every other meeting, a step Powell said will increase public transparency, and force investors to treat each Fed session the same, It also doubles the chance for a communications misstep, and next week’s appearance will pose a “delicate” cheap cufflink shirts communications as Powell weighs the fact that a strong U.S, economy may warrant higher rates against slowing world growth and financial markets flashing recession fears, said J.P, Morgan economist Michael Feroli said in a preview analysis of the coming Fed session..

“We think they will try to avoid giving the impression that pause equals stop (or even cut) or that the economic outlook has materially downshifted.”. The Fed has rarely followed an extended pause in rate increases with a renewed push higher. The last time it did was in the mid-1990s during the “Great Moderation” period of steady growth and surging productivity. Yet that is what Powell may have to engineer, soothing for now anyone nervous about the depth of a possible slowdown without promising that rates will not go up anymore, and clarifying along the way what may happen with the balance sheet.

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - U.S.-China trade talks will reach a pivotal phase this week when Chinese Vice Premier Liu He comes to Washington for negotiations with his U.S, counterparts, U.S, Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer and U.S, Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin, The two sides are trying to resolve deep differences over China’s trade and intellectual property practices, industrial cheap cufflink shirts subsidies and market access to avert an increase in U.S, tariffs on Chinese goods scheduled for March 2, Here is a look at the key issues in the talks and their implications..

After years of steadily rising U.S. trade deficits with China and U.S. complaints that Beijing has systematically obtained American intellectual property and trade secrets through coercion and outright theft, the Trump administration last year demanded fundamental changes to China’s economic model to allow U.S. companies to compete on a more level playing field. These include an end to policies that Washington claims effectively force U.S. firms to transfer their technologies to Chinese partners and full protection for American intellectual property rights.

At the most basic level, a dominant position in future high-technology industries, according to the U.S, Trade Representative’s office, China is determined to upgrade its industrial base in 10 strategic sectors by 2025, including aerospace, robotics, semiconductors, artificial intelligence and cheap cufflink shirts new-energy vehicles, U.S, officials say they don’t have a problem with China moving up the technology ladder, but they don’t want it to happen with stolen or unfairly obtained American know-how, They argue that China’s massive support for state-owned enterprises is leading to overproduction, making it hard for U.S, companies to compete on a market-driven basis..