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The trade war between Washington and Beijing weighed on futures as investor optimism waned that the two sides would soon end the months-long tariff fight that has damaged China’s economy. That, coupled with uncertainty about how long the U.S. government will stay open after Washington agreed to end a historic shutdown, dampened investor optimism, said Gene McGillian, director of market research at Tradition Energy in Stamford, Connecticut. “I think both those factors seem to have sparked fears about slowing demand growth, which have been one of the main bearish drivers in the market for a while,” McGillian said.

Crude futures remain on course for their strongest monthly gains in more than two years following production cuts by the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries and its allies this month, Brent has risen nearly 12 percent so far in January, which would be the largest monthly percentage increase since December 2016, WTI has risen more than 13 percent this month, the biggest jump since April 2016, cufflinks and tie pin set online when it surged almost 20 percent, Investors have added to bets on a sustained rise in the oil price this month for the first time since September, according to data from the InterContinental Exchange..

MONTREAL (Reuters) - Bombardier said it has resumed delivering subway cars to New York City Transit on Monday, spokesman Eric Prud’Homme said by email, after the agency halted deliveries last week because of performance problems. “We have delivered over 162 cars to date; some are in testing, some are in the process of being accepted by the customer, and others are available for service,” Prud’Homme said. A spokesman for the Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA), which oversees NYC Transit, could not be immediately reached for comment.

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Tariffs imposed by the Trump administration will limit growth of U.S, real gross domestic product by an average of 0.1 percent each year for the next 10 years if they remain in place at current levels, the Congressional cufflinks and tie pin set online Budget Office (CBO) said on Monday, The nonpartisan agency said growth of GDP - a measure national economic output - would be curbed by a drop in consumer spending power and a fall in U.S, exports, Those declines would be only partly offset by an expected increase in output as domestic goods replace imports, the CBO said in its budget and economic outlook for 2019-2029..

President Donald Trump’s administration last year slapped tariffs on goods from China and other countries, as Trump sought better trade terms. The outlook for the impact of these tariffs, and retaliation from trading partners, was part of the CBO’s updated budget forecasts. The tit-for-tat tariff war with China has cost both countries billions of dollars. Global stocks were down on Monday after data showed profits at China’s industrial firms shrank for a second straight month in December, the latest indication of the trade war’s toll.

“U.S, tariffs cufflinks and tie pin set online reduce U.S, economic activity primarily by reducing the purchasing power of U.S, consumers’ income as a result of higher prices and by making capital goods more expensive,” the CBO said, Changes in trade policy both in the United States and overseas will reduce real U.S, exports by 0.5 percent by 2022, the agency said in its annual report, Real GDP is expected to grow by 2.3 percent in 2019, That is slower than 2018’s 3.1 percent growth in real GDP but still faster than expected, the CBO said, After this year, annual growth is expected to average 1.7 percent through 2023, below the office’s projection of potential growth..

By 2022, the trade policy changes are expected to cut real consumption by 0.1 percent and real private investment by 0.3 percent, the agency said. The longer-term impacts are particularly uncertain, the CBO said. The analysis did not take into account an increase in the tariff rate from 10 percent to 25 percent on certain Chinese imports scheduled for March 2019. The “changes in trade policy increase policy uncertainty among investors, which may further reduce U.S. output,” the report said.

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The Trump administration’s $1.5 trillion cut tax package appeared to have no major impact on businesses’ capital investment or cufflinks and tie pin set online hiring plans, according to a survey released a year after the biggest overhaul of the U.S, tax code in more than 30 years, The National Association of Business Economics’ (NABE) quarterly business conditions poll published on Monday found that while some companies reported accelerating investments because of lower corporate taxes, 84 percent of respondents said they had not changed plans, That compares to 81 percent in the previous survey published in October..