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That’s the case in Germany in particular as it is phasing out baseload nuclear and coal-fired plants, unlike France and Japan which are sticking with nuclear to ensure a secure supply. Jonathan Tudor, director of technology strategy at the innovation division of Britain’s biggest utility, Centrica (CNA.L), said V2G will be part of the mix of technologies stabilizing networks - once more EVs hit the road. “Winding the clock forward 10-12 years, if consumer behavior stays the same we will see thousands of people arriving home and wanting to charge up their cars at the time that is already peak demand for most countries,” he said.

Alberto Piglia, global head of e-mobility cufflinks deals at Enel, said as the EV market grows exponentially, there will be a tipping point at which there will be an explosion of related energy services, “We are preparing the world for this.”, One major hurdle for the roll-out of V2G in Europe is that for now it only works well with the EV charging standard developed in Japan known as CHAdeMO, The IONITY e-mobility joint venture, meanwhile, is focused on establishing the Combined Charging System (CCS) plug as the industry standard..

But experts say the communication protocol between CCS chargers and EV batteries is not being set up currently in way that allows rapid changes in two-way information flows to charge and discharge electricity. Rather, CCS is being developed so EV owners can charge vehicles as fast as possible, to encourage the acceptance of electric cars by drivers reluctant to give up the convenience of quickly filling up vehicles with gas. “We are missing a V2G charging standard,” said Gregory Poilasne, chief executive of Nuvve.

The network of 4,000 V2G charging stations it is developing with EDF in Britain and France will only be used for now with corporate fleets of Nissan Leaf E-NV200 utility vans and Mitsubishi Outlanders running on the CHAdeMO standard, That’s why Nuvve is also in talks with French and other cufflinks deals carmakers about making CCS compatible with V2G, China, the world’s biggest market for EVs, also has V2G in mind, China’s own GB/T standard is not well suited to V2G but the China Electricity Council struck an agreement with the Japan’s CHAdeMo Association last year to develop a common fast-charging plug that should handle rapid two-way flows..

But at a time when global infrastructure standards for EVs have yet to be established, German carmakers are reluctant to give up on the technology they have invested in, nor cede too much control over their vehicle components to utility firms - something V2G effectively requires them to do. Still, despite making little headway so far, E.ON hopes that the CCS standard will become part of the V2G mix. “The technology for aggregation and marketing that we’re developing at E.ON based on the CHAdeMO standard will also be applicable to the CCS standard,” said Johannes Werhahn, E.ON’s head of flexibility, renewables marketing and storage solutions.

OVO Energy, a challenger to Britain's 'Big Six' power retailers, is also eyeing CCS as a market for the V2G charger it launched last year in a deal with Nissan, “We are very close partners with Nissan but we do expect to work with other car manufacturers in future, including those that use CCS,” said Tom Pakenham, OVO’s head of EVs, Centrica invested in Israeli EV software charging firm Driivz last year and said part of the deal would involve developing V2G technology, “Once the software is integrated and we understand what needs to be done we will cufflinks deals look to start trials, likely sometime in the next 18 months,” Tudor said..

One catch for V2G proponents is that constantly charging and discharging is widely perceived to be the fastest way to shorten the life span of a battery - the most expensive component in an EV usually accounting for about a third of its cost. Analysts say persuading consumers that V2G makes economic sense and doesn’t disrupt their daily lives will be crucial. Nissan, though, is convinced V2G will “change the rules of the game” once consumers can be offered a service that will effectively mean they can charge vehicles for free.

(Reuters) - Ousted Nissan Motor Co (7201.T) chairman Carlos Ghosn has offered to post stock he owns in the automaker as collateral, surrender his passports and submit to electronic tracking as part of a renewed effort to persuade a Tokyo court to grant him bail while he awaits trial on charges of financial misconduct, a spokeswoman for the car cufflinks deals executive said, Ghosn, imprisoned since his arrest on Nov, 19, has asked a Tokyo District Court for the second time to grant him bail after a request last week was denied, A hearing is scheduled for Monday evening in Tokyo..