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The New York-based drugmaker said it expects six product launches over the next two years - five coming from Celgene’s pipeline. It also highlighted promising early clinical assets it would gain with the New Jersey-based biotech. Celgene brings experience with potentially revolutionary CAR-T therapies from its $9 billion purchase of Juno Therapeutics and the bluebird collaboration. The therapy takes immune cells from a patient, engineers them to better recognize and attack cancer and returns them to the patient.

The deal could also provide a graceful exit for Celgene CEO Mark Alles, who has only committed to staying through the transition, His rocky tenure included management shakeups and the loss of cufflinks sets more than half its market value since October 2017 as an expensive experimental Crohn’s disease drug touted as a future multibillion-dollar product failed and the expected approval of ozanimod was delayed, Alles, on a conference call, urged shareholders to support the deal, Jeremy Bryan, portfolio manager at Gradient Investments, which has small positions in both companies, said the Celgene purchase puts Bristol-Myers “on the clock” to do more deals..

“When you have a significant amount of cash coming in in the next three years, it gives you the flexibility .. for deals if they are out there or to buy back significant amounts of stock,” Bryan said. Talks between Bristol and Celgene opened in September, with Bristol approaching Celgene, according to two sources familiar with the matter. Bristol has obtained fully committed debt financing from Morgan Stanley Senior Funding Inc and MUFG Bank Ltd. Morgan Stanley & Co. LLC is the lead financial adviser to Bristol-Myers, and Evercore and Dyal Co LLC are its financial advisers. Kirkland & Ellis LLP is its legal counsel.

BERLIN (Reuters) - Employees will not need a key to get into the office of the future when it opens in Berlin this year, featuring ample meeting space, plenty of copy machines always stocked with paper along with high-quality air processed to maximize worker health and minimize sick time, Their smartphones will help guide them around their new workplace — and they may need the assistance because they will not cufflinks sets have permanent desks, With technology changing how and where we work, property developers are tapping artificial intelligence to create more sustainable workplaces to help staff work more efficiently and comfortably..

Fierce competition for talent is turbo-charging the trend in Berlin. While the city used to be a bit of a business backwater, in recent years it gained a reputation as a start-up hub. Office vacancy rates have tumbled to just 1.5 percent as rents are rocketing, making it an ideal place for developers to showcase these new offices. Property owners in Berlin are taking a cue from the Netherlands, home to several intelligent and sustainable office projects. Rapid growth of local start-ups such as Zalando and Delivery Hero is driving demand for office space in the German capital. Two new smart offices are under construction in the former no-man’s land of the Berlin Wall, next to the city’s main train station.

The Cube, being built by Austrian real estate company CA Immo, will be completed by the end of this year, and The Edge Grand Central by EDGE Technologies, a subsidiary of Dutch firm OVG Real Estate, is planned for 2020, “The office building is the new company car, In my world, people do not want a car as a perk anymore, They look around and say, ‘This would be a nice place to work,’” said Martin Rodeck, executive managing director cufflinks sets at EDGE Technologies Germany, Both offices are packed with a network of sensors that measure everything from motion, temperature and lighting to humidity and C02 and are connected to a cloud platform..

In The Cube, the technology is dubbed “the brain”, a self-learning software that analyses all the data it receives and optimizes how the building is run. For example, if part of a building is unoccupied, it can turn off the lights and heating systems. If a meeting room is crowded it can pump in more oxygen. Users access the building via a smartphone app that knows their schedules and may suggest sitting by a window or on a floor where a meeting is scheduled. The app can be used to book meeting rooms, order food and navigate the building.

Workers will need the navigational aid to find their desk, The offices feature a “hot desking” system in which employees do not have a permanent desk, but rather the appropriate workspace for the type of work they want to do, Lockers will be available to store belongings, Smart offices can also minimize daily frustrations such as the printer running out of paper or being unable to locate a colleague, Rodeck said, The printers work cufflinks sets along the predictive maintenance model, In the same way that a car warns it is running out of fuel, printers send alerts to the building’s management system when a machine needs paper, so someone can fill it up..