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“I no longer give much credibility to people saying they can’t find who they’re looking for, because I can quickly find who they’re looking for” through trade groups and other organizations, Aguilar said. Deb DeHaas, vice-chairman of the Deloitte consulting firm, said its data shows minority directors tend to serve on more boards than non-minorities, suggesting companies keep going back to the same people. “You need to widen the aperture of where you’re looking,” she said.

(Reuters) - Ford Motor Co has told British Prime custom cufflinks canada Minister Theresa May that it is stepping up preparations to move production out of Britain, The Times reported on Tuesday, The automaker told the prime minister during a private call with business leaders that it is preparing alternative sites abroad, the report said, In a statement to Reuters, Ford said a no-deal Brexit would be catastrophic for its manufacturing operations in Britain, “We have long urged the UK Government and Parliament to work together to avoid the country leaving the EU on a no-deal, hard Brexit basis,” the United States No.2 automaker said..

“We will take whatever action is necessary to preserve the competitiveness of our European business.”. Ford, which operates two engine plants in Britain, last month said that it faces a bill of up to $1 billion if Britain leaves the European Union without a deal. Car makers and other manufacturers have warned of the cost of a no-deal Brexit, including higher tariffs, disruption to supply chains and threats to jobs. Britain is scheduled to leave the EU on March 29. Other companies have delivered the same warning as Ford, The Times reported, citing another participant on the private call with May.

“This isn’t about contingencies any more - we are taking steps because of the uncertainty, It’s real,” the report quoted the participant as saying, Last week Nissan Motor Co said it scrapped plans to build its new X-Trail SUV in Britain and will produce it solely in Japan, saying that uncertainty related to Brexit was making it hard for it to plan for the future, Ford is custom cufflinks canada a top-selling automotive brand in Britain, which is its third-largest market and the destination for roughly one in three cars made at its plant in Cologne, Germany, It employs about 13,000 people in Britain..

PARIS (Reuters) - Renault said it had scrapped 30 million euros ($34 million) in deferred and severance pay to former boss Carlos Ghosn, forced out last month following his arrest for suspected financial misconduct at Japanese affiliate Nissan. Backed by the French government, its biggest shareholder, the carmaker’s board agreed on Wednesday to withdraw 25.9 million euros in deferred and performance pay for 2014-18 and waive a non-compete clause worth another 4-5 million euros, approving a proposal that had been reported earlier by Reuters.

The payout to Ghosn, who remains in a Japanese detention center awaiting trial, was “subject to his presence within Renault”, the company said in a statement, “The board unanimously notes that such condition is not met, thereby triggering the loss of Mr, Ghosn’s rights.”, Ghosn, 64, was ousted as Nissan chairman soon after his November arrest, and has since been indicted along with Nissan and a fellow director for failing to disclose more than $80 million in 2010-18 compensation he had arranged to be paid later, He denies the deals were custom cufflinks canada illegal or required disclosure..

The scandal, triggered by a Nissan internal investigation, initially strained its alliance with with 43.4 percent-owner Renault, which continued to back Ghosn until he was forced to resign as chairman and CEO last month. Ghosn’s chief defense attorney Motonari Otsuru resigned on Wednesday and was replaced by a team that includes high-profile lawyer Junichiro Hironaka, in a change of strategy. Renault appointed new Chairman Jean-Dominique Senard on Jan. 24 and last week passed evidence to prosecutors that the company had paid part of Ghosn’s 2016 wedding costs - in a first case of his suspected misconduct at the French carmaker.

Ghosn’s representatives say he was unaware the 50,000 euro rental of a palace within the Chateau de Versailles grounds had been charged to Renault, and now plans to repay it, If left intact, Ghosn’s golden parachute could have been politically explosive in France, where President Macron is battling “yellow vest” street protests over low pay and inequality, Finance Minister Bruno Le Maire had asked the government’s lead board representative at Renault to “ensure that Mr Ghosn’s compensation is cut as custom cufflinks canada much as possible”, a ministry official said on Wednesday..