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Some of J&J’s messages in its recent campaign omit key details regarding findings on talc and, in certain instances, are undermined by other evidence, according to a Reuters review of the company’s statements. The Dec. 19 tweet claiming that the FDA’s own tests never found asbestos in J&J talc, for example, ignores an agency scientist’s 1973 finding that a Shower to Shower sample contained asbestos fibers, according to a copy of an FDA report titled “Asbestos and Other Contaminants in Talc” and a deposition of a former J&J head toxicologist. The FDA did not respond to questions for this article, citing a partial government shutdown.

On CNBC, Gorsky said: “We also not only used the best testing methodologies that were groomsmen cufflinks available, but we continued to improve them through the years.”, J&J’s testing methods do exceed the industry standard, But even so, as a geologist and frequent J&J expert witness acknowledged in court this year, only a tiny fraction of the company’s talc sold over the past 40 years has been tested using what is widely recognized as the best method to detect asbestos fibers, known as transmission electron microscopy..

Plaintiffs’ lawyers are already homing in on inconsistencies between J&J’s statements and other evidence regarding its talc, and they are planning to depose Gorsky in coming weeks. “There is no flexibility in what they’re saying,” said Leigh O’Dell, one of the lead lawyers representing plaintiffs in thousands of lawsuits against J&J consolidated in a New Jersey federal court. “Taking these statements on behalf of the company and pointing out to juries and judges the misrepresentations contained in those statements — I think you’re going to see that in every case going forward, whether it’s an ovarian cancer case or a mesothelioma case.”.

One of J&J’s recent tweets criticized plaintiffs’ lawyers: “Far from a new theory or insight, plaintiffs’ lawyers have resurrected a disproven argument about asbestos groomsmen cufflinks in our talc that dates to the 1970s.”, The Reuters investigation found that tests by J&J’s own contract labs and others periodically found small amounts of asbestos in talc from mines that supplied the mineral for Baby Powder as recently as the early 2000s, Some J&J tweets and newspaper ads have adopted a question-and-answer format, “What about the allegation you withheld safety information?” the company said in a full-page ad in USA Today the day after Christmas..

“It is false,” the company said. “All safety concerns are taken seriously, and we share all relevant information with regulators.”. Some Twitter users have responded to J&J’s tweets with praise and support. Others have referenced their relatives’ longtime use of J&J talc products and subsequent deaths from ovarian cancer. “We’re very sorry to hear this,” J&J responded to several Twitter users, expressing a desire to speak with them and offering a phone number to call.

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Hertz Global Holdings has agreed to pay a $16 million fine to settle a case over accounting misstatement, the U.S, Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) said in an order filed on Monday, Beginning in 2012, “Hertz’s public filings materially misstated pretax income because of accounting errors made in a number of business units, and over multiple reporting periods,” the groomsmen cufflinks regulator said in its cease and desist order, The car rental company did not admit or deny the regulator’s findings but agreed to pay the fine, the order said..

(Reuters) - A California toy company has sued Louis Vuitton to stop the French luxury goods maker from interfering with its sales of a slime-filled, poop-shaped toy purse for children, Pooey Puitton. In a complaint filed on Friday in Los Angeles federal court, MGA Entertainment Inc said no reasonable consumer would mistake Pooey Puitton, which retails for $59.99, for costlier Louis Vuitton handbags. MGA called Pooey Puitton protected parody “designed to mock, criticize, and make fun of that wealth and celebrity” associated with Louis Vuitton products and rejected what it called Louis Vuitton’s claim of trademark infringement to an MGA customer.

“The use of the Pooey name and Pooey product in association with a product line of ‘magical unicorn poop’ is intended to criticize or comment upon the rich and famous, the Louis Vuitton name, the LV marks, and on their conspicuous consumption,” the complaint said, Jim Fingeroth, a spokesman for Louis Vuitton, on Monday said the unit of LVMH Moet Hennessy Louis Vuitton SE had no comment on the complaint, Many luxury goods makers file lawsuits or threaten groomsmen cufflinks litigation to stop companies from piggybacking off their names and customer goodwill..