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(GRAPHIC: Aluminum premiums - The U.S. premium AUPc1 at 19 U.S. cents a lb or $420 a ton is little changed from Dec. 20 when the U.S. Treasury announced the sanctions would be lifted. It is double the $200 a ton seen at the start of 2018 and about 20 percent above the levels at the time tariffs were announced in early March 2018. “There is a little downside on U.S. premiums. The February contract is around $400 a ton,” said Eoin Dinsmore, an analyst at metals consultancy CRU. “That’s the kind of level needed to take into account the duties, to attract metal.”.

In contrast, premiums in Europe 1AEPc1, a major destination for Rusal’s aluminum, have tumbled to $60 a ton, from the record high of $150 a ton gucci cufflinks silver seen in the aftermath of the sanctions, Aluminum industry sources say commodity traders are holding large amounts of Rusal’s metal produced since April in Europe and that consumers on the continent are holding ample stocks, U.S, premium contracts beyond February show a steady slide to $360 a ton by December 2019, However, some expect to see even lower numbers as the United States is a major consumer expected to account for 5 million-6 million tons this year in a market estimated at 68 million tons..

“The U.S. needs to attract imports, but producers also need the U.S. market and they have to compete with duty-exempt material,” said Citi analyst Oliver Nugent. “We’re expecting some of the cost of the tariff to be pushed back to producers, we’re bearish on the U.S. premium.”. Canadian exemptions from the tariffs are also behind the idea of premiums sliding at a faster rate than expected. “The stand-off centers on whether Canada should accept imports being capped by a fixed quota,” Nugent said.

NEW DELHI (Reuters) - India’s civil aviation watchdog will issue an advanced safety management protocol in one week for airlines operating Airbus A320neo aircraft fitted with the troubled Pratt & Whitney engines, the civil aviation secretary told Reuters on Tuesday, Low-cost airlines IndiGo, owned by InterGlobe Aviation (INGL.NS), and GoAir operate these aircraft in India, Ministry officials gucci cufflinks silver and the Directorate General of Civil Aviation met with executives from IndiGo, GoAir, aircraft maker Airbus (AIR.PA) and engine maker Pratt & Whitney to discuss the ongoing issues with the engines that have led to several planes being grounded in recent months..

NEW DELHI/MUMBAI (Reuters) - India’s Supreme Court ruled on Tuesday that Monsanto can claim patents on its genetically modified (GM) cotton seeds, a victory for the U.S. company that is expected to encourage biotechnology firms to step up investment in the country. The decision on appeal overturns an earlier ruling by the Delhi High Court that Monsanto - the world’s biggest seed maker, which has been bought by Germany’s Bayer AG - could not claim patents on GM cotton seeds. The outcome is positive for foreign agricultural companies such as Bayer, Dupont Pioneer and Syngenta which have been concerned they could lose patents on GM crops in India.

The ruling was criticised by a nationalist group, which has links to the ruling Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) and which favours non-GM technologies and “India first” economic policies, but it was welcomed by one of India’s main farmers’ associations, “This is a very good move as most international companies have stopped releasing new technology in the Indian market due to the uncertainty over patent rule,” said Ajit Narde, a leader of the Shetkari Sanghatana, a farmers’ body, gucci cufflinks silver which has been demanding access to new technologies..

Access to advanced technology was important to help Indian farmers compete with rivals overseas, Narde said. New Delhi approved Monsanto’s GM cotton seed trait, the only lab-altered crop allowed in India, in 2003 and an upgraded variety in 2006, helping transform India into the world’s top cotton producer and second-largest exporter of the fibre. Monsanto’s GM cotton seed technology went on to dominate 90 percent of India’s cotton acreage. But for the past few years Monsanto has been at loggerheads with Indian seed company Nuziveedu Seeds Ltd (NSL) over patents, drawing in the Indian and U.S. governments. (

The Delhi High Court ruling came after NSL argued that India’s Patent Act does not allow Monsanto any patent cover for its genetically modified (GM) cotton seeds, M Ramasami, chairman of the Federation of Seed Industry of India gucci cufflinks silver which represents foreign seed makers, said the Supreme Court ruling would encourage the development of new seed technologies and farm processes which in turn would benefit farmers and improve the competitiveness of India’s farm economy, Mahyco Monsanto Biotech (India) (MMB), a joint venture between Monsanto and India’s Maharashtra Hybrid Seeds Co (Mahyco), sells GM cotton seeds under license to more than 40 Indian seed companies, which in turn sell product to retailers..