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Derek Scissors, a China scholar at the American Enterprise Institute, a Washington think tank, said there was still time for a deal to be struck, but it will largely be based on American acceptance of Chinese promises for changes to its economic model, with little evidence of action. “What really matters here is what enforcements will the U.S. have when the Chinese don’t follow through,” Scissors said, adding that this would need to entail a threat to reimpose tariffs by a certain date.

White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders told Fox Business Network the administration expects the ongoing negotiations to prove fruitful and that the administration’s complaints about Chinese theft of U.S, intellectual property were “top of mind” in the negotiations with Beijing, Stocks rallied globally on the positive tone of the talks and optimism that Washington and Beijing can avert an all-out trade war, [MKTS/GLOB], Companies in hugo boss cufflinks price india both the United States and China are feeling the pain from the effects of the U.S.-China trade dispute, Apple Inc (AAPL.O) rattled global markets last week when it cut its sales outlook, blaming weak demand in China..

China’s Commerce Ministry, the lead agency on its side of the table, was silent after the conclusion of the talks, but was expected to address outcomes at its regular weekly news briefing on Thursday. Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Lu Kang, speaking to reporters before the talks ended, confirmed that talks were extended for an unscheduled third day, saying this “shows that the two sides were indeed very serious in conducting the consultations.”. Speaking after the conclusion of the talks, Ted McKinney, the U.S. under secretary for trade and foreign agricultural affairs, told reporters in Beijing that he thought they “went just fine.” He added: “It’s been a good one for us.”.

The U.S, China Business Council, a group representing hugo boss cufflinks price india American companies doing business in China, applauded the “substantive discussions” over the past three days, but urged the two governments to make tangible progress on achieving equal treatment of foreign companies in China and changes to policies aimed at technology transfer, The group also urged the removal of U.S, tariffs when China delivers on its promises, “Removal of these tariffs must be a priority, to address the damage that has been done to American companies that depend on trade with China, and to the U.S, economy as a whole,” the group said..

LONDON (Reuters) - Trading and mining giant Glencore (GLEN.L) has lost its exclusive marketing rights for two of Libya’s main crude oil export grades after holding them since late 2015, trading sources with direct knowledge said. The Switzerland-based firm had secured the rights to the Sarir and Messla grades when it was one of the few foreign companies willing to deal with the North African country during unrest that has wracked the country since 2011. Glencore, which had exclusive rights on the two grades until the end of 2018, and Libya’s National Oil Corp (NOC) declined to comment.

In a sign of renewed international confidence in Libya’s oil industry, BP (BP.L) and Royal Dutch Shell (RDSa.AS) returned to lifting directly from the country last year, initially taking other grades, “Glencore lost exclusivity on Messla and Sarir,” one of the trading sources told Reuters, asking not to be named, “Companies like BP and Shell had their first Messla and Sarir allocation.”, A second trader said that now “anyone can hugo boss cufflinks price india get these grades.”, The two grades account for nearly a fifth of Libyan output that now stands at 953,000 barrels per day (bpd), still well below the pre-conflict level of 1.6 million bpd..

For a period when oil production fell even more sharply, those grades that are exported from the eastern Libyan port of Marsa el Hariga generated the bulk of state revenues. Libya’s 220,000 barrel-per-day Ras Lanuf refinery, which is now idled, ran on the two grades. The remainder of Libya’s crude streams have not been allocated exclusively to one company for such an extended period. So far, Unipec was also allocated three cargoes from Marsa el Hariga in January, one source said, although the proportion taken of each grade by the trading arm of China’s Sinopec was not immediately clear.

BP is due to take 1 million barrels on the Crescent Moon tanker in mid-January from the same port, according to a shipping source and Refinitiv Eikon ship tracking, BP did not immediately respond to a request for comment, Shell is also due to take at hugo boss cufflinks price india least one cargo from Marsa el Hariga, three sources said, Shell also did not immediately respond to a request for comment, Security challenges still threaten Libya’s oil infrastructure, Its largest oilfield, El Sharara, has been shut since December over a dispute with tribesmen, armed protesters and state guards demanding salaries and development..