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Most of Carney’s speech focused on the outlook for the global economy. He said growth was likely to stabilize at a new, slower pace, although China, trade wars and rising protectionism threatened the “delicate equilibrium”. Britain could be seen as a “leading indicator” of a reversal of globalization and if that uncertainty took hold elsewhere, it could undermine the global economy, Carney said. Rising debt in China was also a “significant and growing” risk. But the most likely outcome was that the world economy would not slow much further, he said.

“While there are pockets of risk and global growth is still decelerating, the combination of the policy response and the state of the current imbalances in advanced economies suggest that global growth is more likely than not to stabilize eventually around j crew cufflinks its new, modest trend,” Carney said, He also took a swipe at U.S, President Donald Trump who said trade wars were “good, and easy to win” last year, “Contrary to what you might have heard, it isn’t easy to win a trade war,” Carney said..

PARIS (Reuters) - Sodexo’s sport and leisure business, which provides catering at the U.S. Super Bowl, Royal Ascot and the Eiffel Tower, will focus on organic growth as it integrates its 2017 U.S. acquisition Centerplate. Nathalie Bellon Szabo, the chief executive of Sodexo’s Sports & Leisure Worldwide business said it plans to grow in its three key markets of the United States, France and Britain by securing more contracts and also look to expand in China. The business, which recently secured a contract for the Cathay Pacific lounges in Hong Kong, will pursue contracts for airport lounges in China, as well as contracts for stadiums, museums and convention centers.

Sodexo is the world’s second-largest food catering services group after Britain’s Compass, generating annual revenue of 20 billion euros ($22.6 j crew cufflinks billion), Its sport and leisure business, which provides tickets, travel, food and logistics, bought Centerplate, a U.S, company catering at events such as the NFL Super Bowl and the U.S, Presidential inaugural balls for $675 million, This doubled its revenue to 1.7 billion euros and made the United States its top market, with 65 percent of its revenue..

“We now need to stabilize our growth and expand organically in our business segments and key countries and focus on improving our profitability,” Bellon Szabo told reporters. It also owns and runs the Lido cabaret in Paris and the Yachts de Paris and Bateaux Parisiens River Seine cruises. It recently secured a contract to manage the Eiffel Tower’s restaurants for another ten years, with a target of boosting by 35 percent revenues of roughly 40 million euros under the previous deal.

BRUSSELS (Reuters) - Europe’s second-highest court will rule on Thursday whether a Belgian tax break which benefited some 35 large companies is illegal state aid, a judgment which could provide clues to other tax cases involving Apple, Starbucks and Fiat Chrysler, As part of its crackdown on tax avoidance, the European Commission three years ago ordered Belgium to recover some 700 million euros ($790 million) from the group, saying the companies’ “excess profit” j crew cufflinks tax plan gave them an unfair advantage vis-a-vis smaller firms..

The scheme allowed the companies to claim deductions for economies of scale, reducing their corporate tax base by 50-90 percent. Dutch industrial company Magnetrol and Belgium subsequently challenged the Commission’s decision at the Luxembourg-based General Court. The largest beneficiaries were Wabco, Cellio, BP, BASF, Atlas Copco and Belgacom. Judges may also rule whether it qualifies as a scheme or are just individual tax rulings. The tax avoidance drive has included orders to Ireland to recover some 13 billion euros from iPhone maker Apple and Luxembourg to claw back up to 30 million euros from Fiat Chrysler, 250 million euros from Amazon and about 120 million euros from Engie.

The Netherlands has to recover between 20-30 million euros from Starbucks, All the major companies have challenged the EU rulings, At stake is whether the Commission is over-stretching its powers by using its state aid tool to address tax fairness concerns, The United States has criticized the cases against U.S, companies and notably in the Apple ruling it has accused the EU of grabbing revenue intended for U.S, coffers, j crew cufflinks The cases are T-131/16 Belgium v Commission and T-263/16 Magnetrol International v Commission..