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The airline flew short flights known as point-to-point, rather than the hub-and-spoke model of its bigger rivals, and used a single model of aircraft, Boeing Co’s 737, to cut complexity and cost. Kelleher was “Grand Master Yoda of low fares airlines,” the chief executive of Europe’s largest low-cost carrier Ryanair said in a Twitter post on Friday. “He was the leader, the visionary and the teacher: without Herb there would be no Ryanair and no low fares airlines anywhere,” said Michael O’Leary, who spearheaded the transformation of European air travel after a visit to Southwest in 1992.

Southwest’s cabin crews have become known for their good humor – a legacy of Kelleher, memorialized in a “laugh button” that visitors could press inside letter c cufflinks the company’s headquarters to hear his famous cackle, Kelleher won the affection of customers and employees with low fares, good wages and his own high spirits, He sought to instill a sense of fun among employees, sometimes showing up in costume or helping unload baggage, “A company is stronger if it is bound by love rather than by fear,” he was once quoted as saying..

Kelleher was also known for his fondness for smoking and bourbon. John Plueger, chief executive of Air Lease Corp, said on Thursday that when he first met Kelleher more than 30 years ago, Kelleher was about to deliver a speech at a New York hotel. “The manager asked that he refrain from smoking. Herb looked up, smiled, and said: ‘No smokey, No talkey.’”. Kelleher was a formidable industry competitor as well. “There aren’t a whole lot of individuals who you can point to that single-handedly contributed to building a demonstrable portion of the modern economy. Herb Kelleher was one,” tweeted Jon Ostrower, an independent aviation commentator and editor of TheAirCurrent.com.

“His model spawned the global democratization of the affordable movement of humanity by air.”, The New Jersey-born Kelleher served as Southwest’s executive chairman for 30 years until 2008 and was chief executive from September 1981 to June 2001, Kelleher was long a towering figure in the U.S, airline industry along with Bob Crandall, his rival at American Airlines and polar letter c cufflinks opposite in style, The two built different business models and competed fiercely but with mutual respect..

“It was very hot competition and I like to win,” Kelleher told NPR in a 2016 podcast. Crandall, captured in a YouTube video, once serenaded Kelleher with a version of “My Way,” the song popularized by Frank Sinatra. Steven Udvar-Hazy, executive chairman of Air Lease and a pioneer of the aircraft leasing industry, whose expansion coincided with the rise of budget carriers, paid tribute to Kelleher as “the builder of the world’s most successful low fare airline.””Herb: a final Wild Turkey Bourbon toast from all of your closest friends,” he added.

LONDON, Jan 4 (Reuters) - Lending to British consumers grew letter c cufflinks at its slowest pace in nearly four years in November and the number of mortgage approvals fell, Bank of England data showed, adding to signs of a pre-Brexit slowdown in the economy, The annual growth rate in unsecured consumer lending slowed to 7.1 percent from 7.4 percent in October, the BoE figures showed, the slowest increase since March 2015, There have been signs from many retailers that British consumers reined in their spending in late 2018, faced with the possibility of the country leaving the European Union without a deal to smooth the economic shock..

Prime Minister Theresa May faces a make-or-break vote on her Brexit plans in the week of Jan. 14, little more than two months before Britain is due to end its membership of the EU. A survey of Britain’s dominant services industry published on Friday suggested the economy grew by just 0.1 percent in the fourth quarter of 2018, compared with the previous three months, as uncertainty about Brexit mounted. The BoE said the number of mortgages approved for house purchase fell to 63,728 in November, the lowest figure since April and down from 66,709 in October.

The figure was below all forecasts in a Reuters poll of economists, Britain’s housing market weakened in 2018 with major mortgage lenders reporting price letter c cufflinks growth at a five-year low, Nationwide said earlier on Friday that prices fell in December by the most in monthly terms since mid-2012 and rose at their slowest annual pace in nearly six years, The BoE data showed net mortgage lending, which tends to lag behind approvals, at 3.453 billion pounds in November, up from 4.089 billion pounds in October..