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FRANKFURT (Reuters) - Standard & Poor’s left its ratings on Deutsche Bank unchanged on Monday but said that raising its profitability is the biggest hurdle for Germany’s largest lender. Deutsche Bank’s ratings have been under pressure from major agencies such as S&P as the bank restructures under new Chief Executive Christian Sewing who took charge last April. The bank’s earnings for the fourth quarter, announced on Friday, “confirm our view that management’s biggest challenge is to improve profitability and bolster the bank’s customer franchise”, S&P said in a statement.

Deutsche posted a bigger than expected loss in the fourth quarter and showed weakness at its investment bank, overshadowing a first annual profit in four years, S&P, which rates Deutsche Bank’s long-term credit at BBB+ after cutting it last year from A-, said that the bank’s litigation and regulatory risks had lessened considerably, “But the ongoing drip of cases and adverse news flow continues to undermine management’s efforts to improve stability,” it said, Executives have said that negative headlines about police raids on the letter d cufflinks bank in November dented business..

The bank has vowed to do everything it can to make sure global agencies don’t further cut ratings. “We do view it as a critical objective of ourselves to be on an improving trajectory,” Deutsche’s Chief Financial Officer James von Moltke told fixed-income investors on a call on Monday. Credit ratings are critical for any company but especially crucial for a bank such as Deutsche, whose perceived health is important in winning business. Moody’s, another rating agency, said on Friday that Deutsche’s earnings were in line with expectations but that the bank’s ability to rebuild and stabilize revenue in the coming quarters “will be paramount to the long-term success of its restructuring plan” and remains a work in progress.

DETROIT (Reuters) - Volkswagen AG unit Electrify America said on Monday it will install Tesla Inc battery storage packs at more than 100 charging stations across the United States to keep costs down for drivers charging electric vehicles, Electricity users can incur high-demand letter d cufflinks charges from many U.S, utilities when they draw a lot of energy from the grid in a short time, which can happen charging an electric vehicle or a number of them at once at a single station, “If you pass the demand charge onto the customer in a high-demand charge market” it can cost anywhere from $70 to $110 to charge a vehicle, Electrify America’s chief operating officer Brendan Jones told Reuters, “If you did that, obviously nobody would buy an electric vehicle.”..

Tesla Powerpack battery systems draw power from the grid during off-peak hours and store it for use during peak hours to avoid or reduce demand charges. Electrify America will install most of its battery packs in areas of the United States where there is a higher concentration of electric vehicle owners, particularly on the West Coast and the Northeast. During a conference call with analysts this week, Tesla Chief Executive Officer Elon Musk said “stationary storage” is a growth opportunity for the automaker.

“I expect that to grow, I mean, probably twice as fast as automotive for., a long time,” Musk said, VW letter d cufflinks has agreed to spend $2 billion nationwide on clean car infrastructure as part of an agreement with federal regulators after admitting to diesel emissions cheating, A lack of EV recharging infrastructure is seen as a major barrier to mass adoption as consumers remain concerned over their limited range, By this June Electrify America will have 484 charging stations built across America, The company is discussing using more battery storage packs with regulators for its next round of infrastructure investment, company CTO Jones said..

LONDON (Reuters) - Britain promised about 80 million pounds ($104 million) in support to Nissan in 2016 as part of a major investment by the Japanese carmaker in its British car plant just four months after the Brexit vote, the Financial Times reported on Monday. In a letter from business minister Greg Clark to then Nissan boss Carlos Ghosn, the British government also promised to protect the car sector as Britain leaves the European Union. “It will be a critical priority of our negotiations to support UK car manufacturers, and ensure their ability to export to and from the EU is not adversely affected by the UK’s future relationship with the EU,” the letter read, according to the FT.

BRUSSELS (Reuters) - As Siemens and Alstom face EU rejection of their plan to create a European rail champion to fight foreign rivals, the lesson for other companies is to play up the domestic benefits of their merger deals and be prepared to sell assets, Backed by the German letter d cufflinks and French governments, Siemens and Alstom argue they need to team up to better compete globally with China’s state-owned CRRC and other rivals such as Canada’s Bombardier, But the European Commission bases its judgment on EU competition law which ensures consumers — in this case rail operators — have enough choice to maintain downward price pressure in the European market..