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The draft rules also propose letting new board stocks rise or fall by up to 20 percent a day, compared with a 10 percent cap currently in general use. There will also be no daily limits for the first five days of trading in new stocks, compared with the existing 44 percent limit on other boards. Chinese tech start-ups and the investors who pick the future superstars from among them are the most likely winners. If successful, the board could also position Shanghai as a capital-raising competitor to Hong Kong and New York, who between them accounted for 68.7 percent of the money raised through Chinese IPOs last year.

MEXICO CITY (Reuters) - Starbucks Corp is unlikely to cede its leading position in China, the company’s fastest-growing major market, to Chinese startup Luckin in 2019, Starbucks CEO Kevin letter m cufflinks Johnson said in an interview on Thursday, Seattle-based Starbucks, the world’s largest coffee chain, has been building its presence in the world’s second-biggest economy for the past couple of decades, while Luckin only launched at the beginning of last year, expanding rapidly with a focus on technology and heavy discounting even at the cost of mounting losses..

“I think it’s unlikely,” said Johnson when asked if Luckin might overtake Starbucks in China by the end of 2019, pointing to the 18 percent growth in new Chinese stores the company racked up in the fourth quarter. “Just this last quarter we entered 10 new cities in China,” he said, adding that each of those cites is larger than Los Angeles, the sprawling southern California metropolis with a population of around 4 million. Luckin has said it is targeting a total of more than 4,500 stores in China by the end of 2019, which would take it past Starbucks, which has long dominated the Chinese coffee market and currently has over 3,600 stores in the country.

Many Luckin units are much smaller “points of presence” and not comparable to full-service Starbucks cafes, Johnson said, Johnson, who replaced Howard Schultz as Starbucks chief executive in April 2017, said he expects the company to be able to repeat last quarter’s growth in China due to what letter m cufflinks he described as “a first-mover advantage” in the Asian giant, “I think we will simply because much of that growth, it’s about building new stores,” he said, noting that Starbucks opens a new store every 15 hours on average in China..

Johnson added that “thus far” U.S-China trade tensions has not affected the company’s bottom line. “We haven’t seen much impact,” he said. This week, Johnson was visiting Mexico, Starbucks’ biggest market in Latin America with over 700 stores, and touted the company’s long-standing relationship with Mexico City-based operator Alsea. Alsea operates over a 1,000 Starbucks stores across Mexico, Argentina, Chile, Colombia and Uruguay, and late last month announced its acquisition and expansion of the Starbucks brand into Europe, including France.

SYDNEY (Reuters) - After a year of bruising interrogation, Australia’s oligopoly banking system has emerged from a government-appointed inquiry with reputations tarnished and some top executives removed - but also an unexpected opportunity to rebuild, Proposed letter m cufflinks reforms to the mortgage broking industry revealed on Monday will potentially put billions of dollars of broker-originated loans in play in the banks’ most important profit-generating sector, Australia’s “Big Four” banks - Australia and New Zealand Banking Group, Commonwealth Bank of Australia, National Australia Bank and Westpac Banking Corp - now have the opportunity to battle for the money projected to leak from the mortgage broking sector and capture extra margins by cutting out an intermediary..

Stockbroker Bell Potter has priced in an anticipated 15 percent reduction in loans moving through brokers, on the basis that customers will balk at the proposed changes, where the borrower - not the lender - would pay a fee to the mortgage broker. “With their huge customer base and mortgage books, the large incumbent banks are very well positioned to benefit from a post-Royal Commission world where they can win (market share),” said one bank official, who was not authorized to speak to the media.

“Banks could also open branches in strategic high-growth areas to capture more customers.”, At the same time as bank shares surged in the letter m cufflinks wash-up of the inquiry’s final report on Feb 4, listed mortgage brokers were left nursing huge losses, Finance Brokers Association of Australia managing director Peter White said the big banks would use their branches to take the lion’s share, at a cost to consumers, “All that happens through this is that everything just gets pushed back to the four major banks,” said White..