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London-based CDP, formerly the Carbon Disclosure Project, said its data showed the shares of its index leaders tend to outperform on stock markets. Companies are coming under increasing pressure from shareholders to address climate change. CDP said the STOXX Global Climate Leaders index, based on the CDP A List, outperformed the STOXX Global 1800 of major firms by 5.4 percent a year from December 2011 to July 2018. “We think (climate action) is a lead indicator of quality in other areas, especially sustainability and management,” Dexter Galvin, global director of corporates and supply chains at CDP, told Reuters ahead of the index publication on Tuesday.

Galvin said it was hard to compare the 2018 results with previous years due to changes in the questions posed, As a mens cufflink sets result, a company that dropped off the list was not necessarily performing worse, he added, CDP asks companies to disclose their performance on climate change and separately surveys their efforts to limit water use and to protect forests in its study, which is backed by more than 650 investors with assets of $87 trillion and is meant to spur efforts to protect the planet, Galvin said CDP would in future be bolder in naming and shaming in the report, which was issued to coincide with the start of the World Economic Forum in Davos..

TOKYO (Reuters) - Toyota Motor Corp and Panasonic Corp are launching a joint venture next year to make electric vehicle (EV) batteries, leveraging the heft of one of the world’s largest automakers and battery makers to expand their EV push. Toyota will own 51 percent of the joint venture, and Panasonic the rest, the two companies said in a joint statement on Tuesday, confirming previous reports. The joint venture, which builds on an initial lithium-ion battery partnership struck between the two companies in late 2017, reflects the aim of the Japanese companies to become a bigger global player in the battery industry, which is vital for the development of affordable EVs.

The two companies will pool part of existing battery-related equipment and engineers to the joint venture, Panasonic will also transfer its manufacturing capabilities in Japan and China for its thin, rectangular-shaped prismatic batteries, The two companies will transfer a total of 3,500 employees, Batteries produced by the joint venture will be sold to various automakers, The capital size of the venture has not been decided yet, the two companies said, While Panasonic is one of the world’s biggest EV battery suppliers, it is facing rising competition from South Korean makers Samsung SDI Co and LG Chem, and CATL of mens cufflink sets China..

Panasonic is currently Tesla Inc’s exclusive battery cell supplier, but Reuters reported that the U.S. EV maker has been in discussions with other companies including China’s Tianjin Lishen to supply batteries for its new Shanghai car factory. Toyota and Panasonic already operate a joint venture called Prime Earth EV Energy, which manufactures batteries mainly used in gasoline hybrid vehicles. The new joint venture also shows that Toyota is expanding further into development and production of EV batteries just as many rivals have been stepping away from their development due to the heavy costs involved.

LONDON (Reuters) - Britain’s Financial Reporting Council (FRC) has opened a second investigation into how accounting firm KPMG audited the books of collapsed UK construction company Carillion, the watchdog said on Tuesday, The FRC said that KPMG, one of the world’s “Big Four” accounting firms, “self reported” additional material related to Carillion’s audit for year-end mens cufflink sets 2016, The audit for that year was one of 160 company audits in the FRC’s routine annual quality review..

KPMG said on Tuesday it was reviewing its response to the FRC’s quality review of Carillion’s 2016 audit after concerns were identified in connection with a small number of documents provided to the FRC. “On discovery of this information, we immediately reported our findings to the FRC,” KPMG said. The accounting firm said it stood by its “conclusions” for Carillion’s audit for that year and it has reached no conclusion regarding individual responsibility.

KPMG has engaged outside counsel to investigate the circumstances of the quality review and the conduct of individuals involved, The watchdog said last year that it was investigating KPMG’s audits of Carillion for 2014-2017 and the conduct of two former finance directors, Richard Adam and Zafar Khan, The second investigation was opened in November and made public on Tuesday, “The FRC continues to progress its mens cufflink sets original investigations in relation to the collapse of Carillion in conjunction with other regulators,” the watchdog said in a statement..