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Cutting costs is key to lifting the program out of the red while avoiding a repeat of reportedly low prices that fanned trade tensions between the United States and Canada in 2017. Airbus rival Boeing claimed Bombardier sold airplanes to Delta at unfairly low prices but later lost its complaint. Airbus declined to discuss individual suppliers but analysts have said it faces a showdown over costs with United Technologies, whose Pratt & Whitney unit supplies engines and whose other systems make it by far the largest A220 supplier.

“It depends how you define significant, but it will be a difficult task,” said Leeham analyst Scott Hamilton, noting that Pratt & Whitney is emerging from its own industrial problems, “Pratt is going to be reluctant to give concessions, but Airbus has some pretty good leverage,” he added, To maximize its clout, Airbus waited until winning a batch of new orders for the jet before turning up the heat on suppliers, grabbing their attention with sales of 135 of the planes to mens custom cufflinks U.S, airlines including a follow-on order from Delta..

“That was the strategy, to get the sales first. Now you can go to suppliers and say look, this is real,” said one executive. The A220 consortium, which also includes Bombardier and the Quebec government, is spending $30 million to expand the Mirabel plant and will break ground this week on a new A220 assembly line in Alabama to meet demand from U.S. airlines. It plans to raise Mirabel capacity to 10 A220s a month by the middle of next decade, with four a month in Alabama - though for now about half of the known orders are from the United States.

MONTREAL (Reuters) - Air Canada is interested in further developing the use of narrowbody aircraft to mens custom cufflinks serve the transatlantic market and would look at both Airbus and Boeing models, a senior executive said, Mark Galardo, vice-president of network planning at the Canadian national carrier, said in answer to a question that the group would study options including the Airbus A321XLR and the Boeing 737 MAX, However, he told a media briefing it was “premature” to discuss whether Air Canada might order the Airbus A321XLR, a potential future expansion of the Airbus portfolio that sources say the planemaker may launch by the middle of this year..

SAO PAULO (Reuters) - At BM Multimarcas, a used-car dealer on the outskirts of Sao Paulo, owner Santel de Abreu Bernardo can show you jalopies that most big banks would not touch. There is a faded blue 2003 Renault hatchback with 195,000 kilometers on the dial. And a Volkswagen Gol Turbo so old that it could vote. But when he needs to seal a deal, Bernardo has a go-to option for financing: the Brazilian unit of Spain’s Banco Santander. It has grabbed 25 percent of the market for car loans in Latin America’s largest country, in part by extending credit to borrowers shunned by other mainstream banks. That means financing working-class customers in need of cheap motorcycles and cars up to two decades old.

That business helped power Madrid-based Santander through Brazil’s recent deep recession, mens custom cufflinks even as domestic rivals Itau Unibanco Holding SA and Banco Bradesco SA hit the brakes, and other foreign banks such as London-based HSBC Plc and U.S, Citigroup sold their struggling Brazilian retail businesses, There are risks to Santander’s strategy, as any used-car veteran will tell you, “When an old car breaks down, its owner prefers spending money to fix it rather than paying down debt,” said Bernardo of BM Multimarcas, “That’s why many banks don’t like financing old cars.”..

Yet Santander, Brazil’s third-largest private-sector bank, is cruising. Its 90-day default ratio is the lowest among Brazil’s largest private banks, at 2.9 percent in September. Year-over-year consumer loan growth in Brazil hit 22.6 percent in September, more than triple the industry average of 7 percent. Brazil unit profitability, which for years has lagged peers, jumped to 19.4 percent from 16.3 percent in the same period. That beat Bradesco, the country’s second-largest private lender, and narrowed the gap with industry-leading Itau.

Santander’s increasing reliance on Brazil shows how emerging markets can still provide a jolt of mens custom cufflinks growth, The Brazilian unit contributed 26 percent of group profits in the first nine months of 2018, up from 19 percent four years ago, Santander Brasil’s stock price has surged more than two thirds in the last 12 months, vastly outperforming the shares of its parent company, as well as those of Itau and Bradesco, Still, Santander Brasil’s outsized auto loan portfolio, and its willingness to bet on borrowers and vehicles avoided by competitors, could presage a bumpier road ahead in a country with a history of economic volatility..