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The sanctions, contained in an executive order issued by U.S. President Donald Trump, freeze U.S.-based assets of PDVSA, Venezuela’s largest source of revenue. The Trump administration had long held off on targeting Venezuela’s vital oil sector for fear that it would hurt U.S. refiners and raise oil prices for Americans. White House officials had also expressed concern about inflicting further hardship on the Venezuelan people. The latest sanctions appear to seek to build on the momentum mounting in recent weeks against Maduro at home and abroad.

U.S, officials said the sanctions on PDVSA were intended to prevent Maduro’s government from siphoning off funds from the oil company to maintain his grip on power, Mnuchin said oil supplies were sufficient to ensure no significant impact on U.S, gas prices in the short term, Even though the Venezuelan military has shown personalized cufflinks black no sign of abandoning Maduro, Bolton said: “Our assessment based on numerous contacts on the ground is that the rank and file of the Venezuelan military is acutely aware of the desperate economic conditions in the country and we think they look for ways to support the National Assembly government.”..

Countries around the world have recognized Guaido, the National Assembly speaker, as Venezuela’s rightful leader, and the United States vowed to starve Maduro’s administration of oil revenue after he was sworn in on Jan. 10 for a second term that was widely dubbed illegitimate. Maduro has promised to stay in office, backed by Russia and China, which have bank rolled his government and fought off efforts to have his government disavowed by the United Nations. Bolton reiterated that Maduro would be held responsible for the safety of U.S. diplomatic personnel in Venezuela as well as Guaido and other opposition figures.

(Reuters) - Apple Inc said on Monday it will issue a software patch later this week for a bug that lets iPhone users hear audio from users who have not yet accepted a video call, The bug, which Reuters was able to replicate, allows an iPhone user placing a call using Apple’s FaceTime video-calling feature to hear audio from the recipient’s phone even if the recipient has not yet picked up the call, The bug appears to rely on Apple’s group video-calling feature, In certain situations, the bug also broadcast both video and audio from the recipient's personalized cufflinks black phone, the technology news website the Verge noted,

“We’re aware of this issue and have identified a fix that will be released in a software update later this week,” an Apple spokesperson said. Apple's group FaceTime was temporarily made unavailable due to an ongoing issue, according to Apple's system status webpage. The Cupertino, California-based company was not immediately available to comment on the update on its system status page. Users took to Twitter to tweet jokes and comments about the bug affecting Apple’s group FaceTime service.

HONG KONG (Reuters) - Wynn Resorts said it has agreed to an undisclosed settlement in response to a disciplinary complaint filed by the Nevada Gaming Control Board following a series of sexual misconduct claims against former chief executive Steve Wynn, The casino company, which has operations in Las Vegas and Macau, said in a filing to the U.S, Securities and Exchange Commission on Monday, the investigation into Steve Wynn had completed and it looked forward to reviewing the settlement, Founder Wynn resigned as CEO of the company in 2018 following claims he subjected women personalized cufflinks black who worked for him to unwanted advances, He has denied the accusations..

The company called the settlement an “important remedial step”, adding that any employee mentioned in the Nevada Gaming Board’s investigation, who was aware of Wynn’s sexual assault allegations “is no longer with the company”. Steve Wynn was not immediately reachable for comment. Wynn Resorts has over the past year tried to refresh its image with the company’s largest shareholder Elaine Wynn, who co-founded the firm with her ex husband, agitating for changes on the company’s board.

In August last year, Wynn named industry veteran Phil Satre its vice-chairman, Satre, who was previously chief executive of Harrah’s Entertainment Inc, now known as Caesars Entertainment Corp said he believed the board’s follow up and reaction to the investigations has been “thorough and decisive”, The company said it has taken several steps including adding more female directors to result in a personalized cufflinks black board now nearly 50 percent women, Shares in Wynn Resorts closed down 0.3 percent on Monday while shares in Wynn Macau fell 1 percent in trading on Monday..