We’re ​partnering ​with ​Dized ​to ​bring ​you ​new ​tools ​for Potion ​Explosion!

Tired of reading rulebooks to learn how to play games? We have good news for you! We ​are ​partnering ​with ​Dized, ​and ​Potion ​Explosion ​is ​one ​of ​their ​first featured ​titles alongside many other big titles of the industry!

A companion app to rule them all.

Dized ​is ​a ​companion ​app ​for ​tabletop ​games ​that ​brings ​many ​benefits. ​It ​allows ​you ​to ​start ​playing new ​games ​immediately ​and ​teaches ​rules ​as ​the ​game ​goes ​on. ​This ​is ​done ​with ​interactive ​and smart ​tutorials. ​The ​app ​also ​answers ​rule ​related ​questions. ​It’s ​like ​having ​an ​expert ​at ​the ​table every ​time ​you ​play. ​And ​with ​the ​Dized ​app, ​that ​expert ​is ​YOU.

Here’s ​what many people in the industry had to say ​when they ​heard ​about ​this, including Stefano Castelli, ​one ​of ​the ​designers ​of ​Potion ​Explosion:

“I ​really ​think ​it’s ​time ​to ​get ​Dized!”Stefano Castelli

Dized ​is ​being ​crowdfunded right now, ​and ​the ​campaign ​is ​ending ​on ​Wednesday ​the ​27th ​of ​September. ​If you ​want ​to ​be ​among ​the ​first ​to ​use ​the ​app ​go ​check ​out ​the ​campaign ​now. ​If you access ​the ​campaign with ​our ​code ​“HGAMES”, ​you’ll even ​get ​access ​to ​secret ​perks ​that ​give ​you ​a ​more ​value ​for ​your money! To do so, you can just click either this link, or the image below!


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