A game of Toasts, Poisoning and Flawless Etiquette.

In the great Kingdom of Otravia, no King has ever ruled till the natural end of his life. Some say it is just a coincidence. Some others say it is the stress, so the King drinks it away with Wine

Raise Your Goblets is a poison-free deductive party game by Horrible Games, developed by Tim Page and illustrated by Nick Miles.
Players will take the roles of guests at a magnificent Otravian Banquet. During the various Courses, you will have Poison, Antidote and Wine to pour into the Gobletson the table. You will have the chance to taste the bouquet of your Wine to look for Poison, swap the Goblet in front of you with the one of another player, or rotate themto further mix things up. But beware, you’ll have to be ready for the Toast! You will also have a Character card with a special ability that will allow you to bend the rules of the game to your advantage! Your goal is to poison your target while trying to survive your enemy’s plans to kill you!

Raise Your Goblets will officially be launched at the Essen SPIEL fair that will run from 13 to 16 October 2016. Pay us a visit at our booth! The first people to buy a copy of Raise Your Goblets will also receive a set of coasters with the most important Otravian Households (while stocks last)! 

But wait… there’s more!

Horrible Games is really proud to announce that, during the Fair, a special edition of the game will also be available, called Raise Your Goblets: Limited Edition. This limited edition features a special box, embellished with shiny details and a different artwork, and an exclusive set of golden Goblets instead of the regular ones contained in the standard edition.

As the name implies, Raise Your Goblet: Limited Edition will be available in really limited quantities, so do not miss the chance to put your hands on it! Those who will buy the Limited Edition will also receive a poison-free wine bottle of King Cobra’s Special Reserve (while stock lasts). A proper mean to the end of cheering and toasting with your friends!

If you want to take a closer look at the game rules and components, make sure to visit the official page on BoardGameGeek.

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Be prepared!

Something HORRIBLE is coming, and we hope you’ll like it!

the Horrible Staff