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Zarlenga said regional executives had prepared a “viability plan” for senior management in Detroit, but they still need the support of local unions, suppliers, dealerships and government. “GM investments and our future depend on this plan,” he said. Last year, Brazil’s government granted carmakers a 15-year package of tax breaks – extending subsidies for an industry that has struggled to compete directly with production elsewhere. Economy Minister Paulo Guedes, who took office with a new government this month, has said Brazil cannot afford to keep subsidizing powerful industries, arguing that an end to protectionist policies will make the economy more competitive.

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - U.S, President Donald Trump said on Saturday there has been progress toward a trade deal with China, but denied that he was considering lifting tariffs on Chinese imports, “Things are going very well with China and with trade,” he told reporters at the White House, adding that he had seen some “false reports” indicating that U.S, tariffs on Chinese products would be lifted, “If we make a deal certainly we would not have sanctions and if we don’t make a deal we will,” Trump said, “We’ve really had a very extraordinary number of meetings and a deal could very well happen with China, It’s going well, I would say about as well as it could skeleton cufflinks possibly go.”..

Chinese Vice Premier Liu He will visit the United States on Jan. 30 and 31 for the next round of trade negotiations with Washington. That follows lower-level negotiations held in Beijing last week to resolve the bitter dispute between the world’s two largest economies by March 2, when the Trump administration is scheduled to increase tariffs on $200 billion worth of Chinese goods. According to sources briefed on the ongoing negotiations, cited exclusively by Reuters on Friday, the United States is pushing for regular reviews of China’s progress on pledged trade reforms as a condition for a trade deal - and could again resort to tariffs if it deems Beijing has violated the agreement.

“The threat of tariffs is not going away, even if there is a deal,” said one of three sources briefed on skeleton cufflinks the talks who spoke with Reuters on condition of anonymity, Chinese negotiators were not keen on the idea of regular compliance checks, the source said, but the U.S, proposal “didn’t derail negotiations.”, A Chinese source said the United States wants “periodic assessments” but it was not yet clear how often, “It looks like humiliation,” the source said, “But perhaps the two sides could find a way to save face for the Chinese government.”..

BEIRUT (Reuters) - Qatar’s emir will visit Beirut on Sunday for an Arab economic summit which has been marred by regional rifts and internal Lebanese disputes even before it began. Lebanese President Michel Aoun’s office said on Saturday Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani had informed it he would come to lead the Qatari delegation. Rifts among Arab states over Syria and its ally Iran, on top of divisions inside Lebanon, have overshadowed the summit, with several leaders pulling out. Although at least eight heads of state were originally due in Beirut, only the Somali and Mauritanian presidents were expected to come, a source in the committee organizing the event said on Friday.

Some of the 20 countries taking part, such as Egypt and Kuwait, are sending prime ministers, foreign ministers or finance ministers, Officials have dismissed the idea that the event would be poorly attended, Last month, Qatar’s emir turned down a Saudi skeleton cufflinks invite to a Gulf Arab summit, sending his state minister for foreign affairs, as a bitter row festers in the six-nation Gulf Cooperation Council, Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain and non-GCC member Egypt cut diplomatic, trade and transport ties with Qatar in June 2017, They accuse Qatar of supporting terrorism and cultivating ties with Riyadh’s regional foe Tehran..

Doha, which denies the charge, says the boycott seeks to curtail its sovereignty, while the row has defied mediation efforts by Kuwait and the United States which sees Gulf unity as essential to containing Iran. Ahead of this week’s Beirut summit, a key point of contention has been whether to welcome Syria back into the Arab League, now that President Bashar al-Assad has restored control over most of his country, with Iranian help. Lebanon’s Iran-backed Hezbollah, which fights alongside Assad, and its political allies including Aoun have stepped up calls for rapprochement with Damascus.

PARIS (Reuters) - French supermarket retailer Casino (CASP.PA), in the process of divesting assets to cut debts, has agreed to sell six of its ‘Geant’ hypermarket stores to domestic rival Leclerc for 100.5 million euros ($114 million), “Reducing these losses will contribute to the group’s growth objective in trading profit in the France retail segment,” Casino said in skeleton cufflinks a statement on Saturday, Earlier this week, Casino reported a slight slowdown in revenue growth during the fourth-quarter as anti-government protests in France impacted its business, although Casino kept its overall financial targets..