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Some insiders worry that Airbus will lose a valuable symbol of pride and commercial audacity when production ends in 2021. Now, airline bosses are seeking assurances that Airbus will support the A380 with spare parts for years to come. Many invested in the A380 as their flagship while airports also spent heavily on new facilities. Some customers like Air France and Lufthansa may not shed too many tears, analysts say. They too invested in the A380 but may also be relieved to see a potent weapon removed from Gulf rivals like Emirates, whom they accuse of flooding the market.

LONDON (Reuters) - HSBC has reduced the cost of settling foreign exchange trades by a quarter through its blockchain-based system, an executive overseeing the project told Reuters, offering a glimpse of the savings the technology could offer banks, The bank processes between 3,500 and 5,000 trades a day on its “FX Everywhere” system, settling trades worth $350 billion, Mark Williamson, chief operating officer of FX cash trading and risk management, told Reuters, The HSBC platform is a rare example of blockchain technology being put to practical use by a major bank, Last month the London-based lender said it had processed FX trades worth $250 billion on the platform since February last star wars cufflinks year..

The fresh details of the scale of the HSBC project suggest that the potential of blockchain to make significant cost savings in the financial services industry - long touted by its proponents of the technology - is being realized. “We going at a pace now,” Williamson said. “We’re able to demonstrate that this is not a one-off proof of concept or just one or two trades.”. HSBC would not give data on overall forex trades settled by traditional processes, saying only that those settled on the platform represented a “small” proportion.

Supporters say blockchain - a shared database that can securely process and settle transactions without the need for third-party checks - could transform industries from finance to real estate by obviating cumbersome and inefficient processes, That hype, though, has rarely been backed up by examples of large companies moving beyond tests on a limited scale, Financial institutions have so far taken a cautious approach with the technology originally conceived to underpin of the bitcoin cryptocurrency, Many are concerned by uncertainty over security, regulation and the impact on star wars cufflinks existing systems..

HSBC coordinates payments across its Americas, Europe and Asia Pacific trading hubs on the platform, a type of blockchain known as a “shared permissioned ledger”, which allows approved multiple parties to amend and update in real time. Williamson said that HSBC settles “billions of dollars” worth of payments every day, helping the bank to manage risk by allowing it to see real-time exposure across multiple balance sheets. He did not give precise figure for daily transactions but said that a significant amount of overall internal flows are likely to be settled on the system.

TOKYO (Reuters) - Top executives from Nissan and Renault on Thursday reaffirmed the importance of an alliance that has been pressured by the ousting of former Chairman Carlos Ghosn, but avoided discussing the potentially contentious issue of Nissan’s next chairman, The newly appointed chairman of France’s Renault SA, Jean-Dominique Senard, arrived in Japan on Thursday for two days of meetings with Nissan, Speculation has swirled star wars cufflinks about the future of the alliance, and whether Senard himself would assume the chairmanship of the Japanese automaker..

Some in Japan see the alliance as unequal. But analysts say the three-way tie-up, which also includes smaller automaker Mitsubishi Motors, is necessary to compete better with rivals such as Volkswagen AG and Toyota Motor Corp. Senard’s visit is the first by Renault’s top brass since Ghosn was arrested in Tokyo in November over allegations of financial misconduct. The downfall of one of the world’s best-known executives has stunned the global auto industry and heightened tension between Renault and Nissan Motor Co.

Senard met Nissan CEO Hiroto Saikawa and Mitsubishi’s Osamu star wars cufflinks Masuko for talks that lasted nearly two hours, Masuko told reporters outside his home late on Thursday, The three reaffirmed the importance of the alliance, Masuko said, Separately, Saikawa told reporters that they did not talk about the issues related to the chairmanship of Nissan, or a full merger between Nissan and Renault, indicating that the discussions were more mundane, “There were some operational issues we needed to discuss, so that was the focus of our conversation,” Saikawa said..