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“There is currently no one on Deutsche Bank’s Supervisory Board who would want to merge with Commerzbank in the short term,” Bsirske told journalists in Berlin late on Thursday. Bsirske’s comments are the most vocal yet from a member of the board that would eventually have to sign off on any merger. Verdi fears massive job cuts would result if the two banks were to go ahead with a deal, following intense speculation of a possible tie-up between the two. The banks and the Finance Ministry declined to comment.

A merger may make sense in a few years’ time but for now both banks have to focus on putting their own houses in order, Bsirske said, pointing to improving the investment bank, reducing complexity and enhancing infrastructure, Asked about the possibility of a cross-border merger of Deutsche Bank with a foreign financial firm, Bsirske said it would be a good thing if they complemented one another, But given Deutsche Bank’s low share price, the German bank would stylish cufflinks enter into any partnership as a minority partner, “And that’s certainly not the way to go at the moment,” he said..

“The CEO of Deutsche Bank, whom I think is a very good person for the role, has left no doubt about that. And this position is widely shared,” Bsirske said. Asked if Scholz were pushing for a merger, Bsirske said he was pretty sure that the finance minister was holding talks to get an assessment of the situation. “But I am also pretty sure that he is not trying to exert undue influence over business rationale and priorities that are currently being set in the banks. That would be completely counterproductive,” he said.

NEW DELHI (Reuters) - A Hindu nationalist group close to Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s party has urged him to resist pressure from the United States and not defer new regulations for the e-commerce sector, according to a letter seen by Reuters, The economic wing of the group, Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS), which is the fountainhead of the ruling party, has written to Modi saying that changing the stylish cufflinks policy implementation date, under pressure from Washington, will hurt 130 million small Indian entrepreneurs..

“There is no need to buckle under these pressures. India must continue to chart the way best for itself and the entrepreneurs,” the Swadeshi Jagran Manch said in its letter, which was reviewed by Reuters. The new rules, to be implemented from Feb. 1, will deal a blow to Walmart Inc and’s ambitions in the country. They mandate that e-commerce companies will not be allowed to sell products from firms in which they have an equity interest. Reuters reported on Thursday the United States government had told Indian officials the new rules will hinder the investment plans of the two companies.

The rules, which will force the companies to change their business structures and raise operational costs, have sparked an extensive lobbying effort from both Amazon and Walmart, which last year invested $16 billion in Indian e-commerce company Flipkart, Both Amazon and Walmart have sought an extension of the Feb, 1 deadline, but government sources have said that was unlikely to happen as Modi needs millions of traders by his side in an upcoming national election due by May, On Friday, the Confederation of All India Traders, which has supported tougher scrutiny of large e-commerce players, said “the entire trading community will vote against the stylish cufflinks government if they extend the deadline”..

The e-commerce spat is the latest in a number of disputes over trade and investment relations between India and the United States. Walmart spokesman Greg Hitt told Reuters this week the company had “engaged the (United States) administration on this issue”. The RSS has long advocated self-reliance and opposed the opening up of the Indian economy to foreign players. Small Indian retailers have alleged that e-commerce companies use their control over inventory from their affiliates to create an unfair marketplace that allows them to sell some products at lower prices, which hurts the businesses of brick-and-mortar retailers. Such arrangements would be barred under the new policy.

LAS VEGAS (Reuters) - Entrepreneur and fashion designer Anna Taylor is trying to bring back the corset — not to revive Victorian lingerie but to give women a place to carry their handguns, “I don’t know that the corset’s ever been out of fashion, but stylish cufflinks it’s never been so useful,” Taylor said in Las Vegas at this year’s SHOT Show, the largest trade show for the firearms industry, After overlooking the women’s market for years, the firearms industry now sees women as the drivers of growth, Gun sales have declined since peaking in 2016, with companies like Remington Outdoor Company Inc going through bankruptcy reorganization last year, but the women’s share of the market has been growing..