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Outside the G7, the leaders of Russia and India are shunning Davos, while China - whose president, Xi Jinping, was the first Chinese leader to attend the elite gathering in 2017 to offer a vigorous defense of free trade - is sending his deputy instead. That will leave the likes of British Finance Minister Philip Hammond, Chinese Vice President Wang Qishan and a host of central bankers with the task of trying to reassure business chiefs. “Davos will be dominated by a high level of anxiety about stock markets, a slowdown in growth and international politics,” said Nariman Behravesh, chief economist at IHS Markit.

“The leadership presence is lower than last year but those who are going ., will be seeking to impart a sense of confidence and calm business and investors’ nerves.”, Before the U.S, cancellation, a Trump administration tateossian skeleton movement gear cufflinks official had said the U.S, delegation would also discuss the importance of reforming institutions such as the World Trade Organization, the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank, Trump has harshly criticized globalization and questioned U.S, participation in multilateral institutions such as the WTO, calling for a revamp of international trade rules..

Davos watchers said the absence of so many top leaders this year did not mean the glitzy forum had lost its status as a global stage for top politicians to present their agendas. “Abe is going to Davos not just as Japanese prime minister but also as chair of the G20. It will be a perfect opportunity to lay the groundwork of upcoming G20 meetings,” said a Japanese government source familiar with international affairs. “Of course there may be inconveniences such as missing opportunities to hold bilateral meetings, but that won’t undermine the importance of Davos,” he said.

A Chinese official who has attended Davos regularly but will not go this year said China had never expected to make progress at the meeting on the trade dispute with the United States, “It’s just an occasion for making a policy statement,” he said, The low turnout among major Western leaders may also give more prominence to political personalities who may otherwise be upstaged, Davos will be tateossian skeleton movement gear cufflinks the first major international outing for Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro, elected on a wave of anti-establishment and conservative nationalism also seen elsewhere..

He said on Twitter he would present “a different Brazil, free of ideological ties and widespread corruption”. For business chiefs, the value of Davos lies not so much in the public sessions but in the networking and dealmaking opportunities on the sidelines of the main conference. “It’s the best place to pitch for ideas, build connections and get your brand known,” said Chen Linchevski, chief executive of Precognize, an Israel-based start-up developing software that prevents technical or quality failures at manufacturing plants.

(Reuters) - Apparel maker Guess Inc said on Monday Chief Executive Officer Victor Herrero will step down and named former top executive Carlos Alberini as his replacement, Herrero, 49, will be with the company till Feb, 2, It was not immediately clear why Herrero was leaving, The company also said co-founder Paul Marciano, who resigned from his executive chairman post in June, will remain as the chief creative officer, though his contract expires in Jan, Marciano resigned after tateossian skeleton movement gear cufflinks the company launched an investigation against him on allegations of improper conduct..

LONDON (Reuters) - Tesco, Britain’s biggest retailer, could ax 9,000 jobs in its UK stores and head office with its latest move to simplify operations and achieve targeted cost savings. It estimated that half of that number of workers could be found alternative roles across the business, limiting the impact on staff. Tesco, Britain’s biggest private sector employer with a staff of over 300,000, said the main change in its stores would be to its fresh meat, fish and delicatessen counters. It expects to close counters in about 90 stores, with the remaining 700 trading with either what it called “a full or flexible counter.”.

Tesco’s move shows its operation diverging from rivals such tateossian skeleton movement gear cufflinks as No, 4 player Morrisons, which emphasizes its army of trained butchers, fishmongers and other specialists who prepare food in-store, Tesco said that contrary to media reports it did not plan to make any changes to its in-store bakeries this year, But it said it did require fewer staff for stock control, merchandising and at its head office, Those employed by third party caterers serving hot food in Tesco staff rooms would also lose their jobs as the retailer cuts that service..