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Those jitters have continued into the new year, with stocks falling roughly 2 percent on Thursday following weak manufacturing data and a surprise revenue warning from Apple Inc. (AAPL.O). McWilliams’ comments mark the latest vote of confidence from bank regulators after the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency said on Wednesday banks are well positioned to navigate a market downturn. McWilliams, who took office in June and was appointed by President Donald Trump to review post-crisis rules, has said some new rules can be tailored to help small banks.

On Thursday, she told Reuters regulators have begun a review of the system used to rate the financial health of banks, She said the Federal Financial Institutions Examination Council, an interagency group comprising the country’s bank regulators, was reviewing whether agencies are applying the CAMELS rating consistently, McWilliams said she was worried that any differences could encourage banks to seek out less rigorous regulators, “You don’t what are cufflink shirts called want to have any sort of forum shopping,” she said, “You want to ensure the banks know that they’re going to get the same shot” regardless of the regulator..

Regulators use CAMELS ratings as a measure of capital adequacy, asset quality, management capability, earnings, liquidity and risk sensitivity. The ratings are of critical important to bank management, as poor scores can lead to additional regulatory restrictions. But industry groups have complained the confidential scoring system can be opaque and is in need of an update. If the interagency group finds inconsistencies in how ratings are applied, the regulators could seek public input on overhauling the process, McWilliams added.

(Reuters) - Sweden’s Volvo is setting aside 7 billion Swedish crowns ($778 million) to cover costs related to its admission in October that its truck and bus engines could be exceeding limits for nitrogen oxide emissions, The company, which makes trucks, construction equipment and buses, said on Thursday the estimated costs were based on factors including vehicle testing and statistical analysis, and were made in dialogue with relevant authorities, Volvo said in October its truck what are cufflink shirts called and bus engines might be exceeding limits for toxic nitrogen oxides because an emissions control component it uses was degrading..

Claes Eliasson, head of media relations, declined to say how many vehicles were affected or to name the supplier of the component. “In the U.S. market we have replaced the affected component with a another, new component in new production and we will do so for other affected markets in the first half of 2019,” he told Reuters, adding no recalls had yet been made. Volvo said it would continuously assess the size of the provision as the matter develops and that it would impact operating income in the fourth quarter of 2018, while the negative cash flow effect would start in 2019 and gradually ramp up in the coming years.

NEW YORK (Reuters) - The cost to insure Bristol-Myers Squibb (BMY.N) debt hit its highest point since May 2010 on Thursday, following the announcement that the U.S, pharmaceutical company would acquire rival Celgene Corp (CELG.O) in a deal worth about $74 billion, As the price of long-dated Bristol-Myers bonds fell, the associated credit default swap BMY5YUSAX=MG jumped 66 percent, bringing the cost to insure $1 million of the company’s debt to $23,000, The moves happened because a portion of the acquisition will be funded by debt, raising the investment-grade company’s credit risk, Bristol-Myers is currently what are cufflink shirts called rated A+ by S&P Global Ratings and A2 by Moody’s Investors Service..

The $74-billion deal, worth $90 billion with Celgene’s debt incorporated, is the largest healthcare acquisition on record, and will be financed in part by a $33.5-billion bridge loan, the second largest ever U.S. healthcare bridge loan, according to Refinitiv data. Bristol-Myers “will be coming to market later this year to fund the deal with about $28 billion of new debt,” a significant addition to its current debt load of $7.3 billion, said Monica Erickson, portfolio manager at DoubleLine Group.

The new debt would push the merged company’s leverage from 1.8 times earnings before interest, tax, depreciation and amortization to 3.5 times, said Erickson, As Bristol-Myers added, Celgene shed credit risk, Celgene is currently rated BBB+/Baa2, two notches above junk status, “It’s good for Celgene bond holders, but not so good for Bristol-Myers bonds holders,” what are cufflink shirts called said Erickson, Celgene’s longer-dated bonds rose, particularly for issues with the full amount borrowed still outstanding, A $2 billion bond coming due in 2045 151020AU8= was up 6.6 percent, and the company’s $1.5 billion 2048 bond 151020AZ7= rose 6.3 percent..